#AdventBook2016 – Week 4: Tuesday

On Fasting and Lasting Treasure – Matthew 6.16-24

One of the things I take from this passage is that the most important things we do are often the things nobody notices. This is certainly so in ministry.

Hundreds of people (thousands in the last fortnight) may see me standing up to lead a Carol Service. But there are many things I do that are far more important, and noticed by no-one, or very few.

Many people see the way we include children with special needs at our church, and commend it. What they don’t see is the hours that go into producing a visual timetable and a social story and meeting the family for a visit to the church, so that one little boy can seem so happily integrated on a Sunday morning. And there is no reason anyone should see all that,of course.

But it is as much to the glory of God as any public leading of a high-profile act of worship could be.

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