Welcome to “because God is love…”!

My name is Ruth Harley and I am a priest in the Church of England, currently working as a curate in Milton Keynes. Prior to ordination, I was a Children’s, Youth and Families’ Minister at a town-centre parish church in the Church of England.

I mainly use this blog as a space to explore ideas, wonder about God, share resources and sermons, etc. And also to participate in the annual #AdventBookClub!

You can find me on Twitter at @ruth_hw


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Amen! The picture of the pine cone is particularly special to me as a few years ago I planted our Christmas pine tree into a large pot in our front yard . Two years ago it produced a pine cone and this year it has produced more than ten. It is also flourishing after one poor year. A definite example of God’s love in creation – resurrection of the dying tree and new life in abundance. Hallelujah!

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