#AdventBookClub day 21: The glorified Christ

How do we see God glorified? St Iranaeus says: “the glory of God is a human being, fully alive.” I wonder where we have seen that living glory? I wonder how we have helped others to encounter that living glory in our own lives?

God’s glory is not the same as majesty. Glory is not about the trappings of kingship, or the spleandour of the unapproachable divine. The glory of God is found in everywhere that we sense life. Trauma theologian Shelly Rambo talks about the resurrection in these terms – as existing in all the ways in which – even in the midst of death – we sense life.

Sometimes that sensing life feels tenuous and delicate, and barely perceptible. But still, unseen, hidden, unexpected or unnoticed, God’s glory is present. May we catch glimpses of it where and when we can.

This year for #AdventBookClub we are reading ‘Music of Eternity: meditations for Advent with Evelyn Underhill’ by Robyn Wrigley-Carr. Join the conversation in the Facebook group, or by following the hashtag on Twitter.

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