#adventbookclub Day 27: The Nativity with the Holy Spirit

The annunciation is one of my favourite scenes in scripture, and depictions of it account for many of my favourite works of art (though today’s picture is not among them).

The dynamic between Mary and the Holy Spirit is an intriguing one. Who holds the power here? The obvious answer is God, who is all-powerful. But God chooses to hand over part of God’s power to Mary, who by her “yes” has the power to enable God to enter the world in full humanity.

In this moment, God models a radically different way of handling power: not hoarding it, nor denying it, but expanding its scope to include and empower others.

I wonder how we handle the power we have?


#adventbookclub runs from 1st December until Epiphany. This year we are using “The Art of Advent” by Jane Williams, and raising some money for Mercy UK, a mental health charity over at the JustGiving page here. Search #adventbookclub on Twitter or Facebook to join in the conversation.

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