#adventbookclub Day 12: The Christ Child

I wonder how we can prepare for freedom, the freedom that is found in Christ? Certainly not just by trying a bit harder, or doing things a bit differently. Perhaps the key to finding our freedom is to work for the liberation of our neighbour – all our neighbours – without thinking too much about ourselves.

In Christ, we are drawn together into one body. My liberation is intimately linked to the liberation of my neighbour, my enemy, the stranger, the outcast… Liberation is worth nothing, and is certainly not any reflection of the perfect freedom found in Christ, unless it is liberation for all.

Christ, the light of the world, who came into the world to bring freedom from every form of bondage and oppression, shines as a light on all alike. All of us are the people who walk in darkness, and on all of us the light of the new dawn will break. As we await the coming of the light, let us learn to walk together in solidarity in the dark.

#adventbookclub runs from 1st December until Epiphany. This year we are using “The Art of Advent” by Jane Williams, and raising some money for Mercy UK, a mental health charity over at the JustGiving page here. Search #adventbookclub on Twitter or Facebook to join in the conversation. 

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