#adventbookclub Day 4: Judgement

It is so very easy to rush to judgement of others. Even as we think “but I don’t judge people, not like those awful judgmental people” (whoever ‘they’ may be!) we are doing it again.

If is very easy too to rush to judgement of ourselves. Not good enough, not holy enough, not worthy enough. If we could only do better, try harder, pray more, shout less…

But that is not what God’s judgement is about. Judgement, in the sense that we are called to think about during advent, is to do with truth, honesty, integrity. It is to do with taking a long hard look at ourselves, and being honest about what we see – the good and the bad. It is about knowing ourselves in ways which help us to draw closer to God.

Judgement, in the advent sense, is about accepting ourselves for who we are, while maintaining a vision of who – in Christ – we are becoming, and laying ourselves open to God’ transforming work in the now-and-not-yet of our selves.

#adventbookclub runs from 1st December until Epiphany. This year we are using “The Art of Advent” by Jane Williams, and raising some money for Mercy UK, a mental health charity over at the JustGiving page here. Search #adventbookclub on Twitter or Facebook to join in the conversation. 

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