#adventbookclub Day 16: Joseph

This chapter about Joseph reminds me to be thankful for, and to pray for, all the people who ‘just get on with it’.

I think perhaps in church as elsewhere we place too much value on the people who have the more showy, ‘up front’ gifts – preaching, music, etc – and not enough on those with the gifts that really keep the church running – organising an event, keeping people in touch with each other, encouraging others, noticing what needs to be done and doing it. In short, ‘just getting on with it’.

St Paul is right when he says that all gifts are given by the Holy Spirit for the common good. Therefore all are equally valuable, and should be equally valued – all gifts, and all people.

I wonder what we can do to value and recognise those in our churches (and elsewhere) who, like Joseph,  have the vital gift of ‘just getting on with it’?

This year for Advent Book Club we are reading “Unearthly Beauty” by Magdalen Smith. Join in on Facebook or Twitter using #AdventBookClub. 

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