#adventbookclub Day 13: John the Baptist

There is so much one could say about John the Baptist (who is, incidentally, among my favourite biblical characters) but tonight I only have time for a very brief thought:

Magdalen Smith refers John as “a wild and weird man”, which seems a fair description. Now, think of someone you’ve encountered who is “wild”, “weird”, or both. Are these the sort of people our church and our society tends to pay attention to? I think not. More likely, they’re the people we avoid making eye contact with in the street. So too, the religious and secular leaders of John’s day wanted nothing to do with him. And in avoiding, ignoring and silencing him, they missed an important message, which only the ‘outsiders’ were open to hearing.

So, who are the wild and weird prophets of our day? And how do we make space to listen to their message?

This year for Advent Book Club we are reading “Unearthly Beauty” by Magdalen Smith. Join in on Facebook or Twitter using #AdventBookClub. 

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