Lifting the Lid on Lent 3: Growth

I am leading an intergenerational Lent group (more details here). This is what we did this week. 

Introduction: We found the letters of our theme word around the room, and worked out that it was “growth”. We talked briefly about things that grow, and what they need in order to grow.

Story: I presented the Parable of the Sower, using 4 trays containing objects to represent the 4 types of ground. .

Wondering questions: We wondered together about:

  • I wonder how the sower felt when they saw that some seeds grew and some didn’t?
  • I wonder what was the most important part of the story?
  • I wonder if there’s anything we could take away and still have all the story we need?
  • I wonder where you are in the story?

Reflection activity: I introduced the idea of Lent being a time when we “grow in faith and holiness” and we discussed what  that might look and feel like.

Everyone was given a piece of paper and some string. We cut lengths of string, stuck them to the paper and decorated them as plants, to represent things God is growing in us. Different sizes and types of plants were used to represent different things, and we discussed these.

Creative response: Everyone had the opportunity to plant some seeds to take home, and decorate their seed pot.

Prayer: We wrote/drew on printed outlines of people to represent the people we are praying for.

Lord’s prayer.

This week there were 7 of us – 3 adults, and 4 children aged 3-9, including one child with significant learning disabilities. It was notable that this child was more integrated than they would have been in a children’s group (where they would require adult support) because the adults were not there to ‘help’ them, but as fellow participants.


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