#AdventBook2016 – Week 2: Monday

Jesus’ Baptism – Matthew 3.11-17

For me, the message of this passage seems to be: “expect the unexpected”. Look for Jesus in the least likely places and the least likely people.

It has always been my experience that that is where Jesus most often turns up – in the very places and people where I least look for him. And it constantly challenges me. Where do I not expect to find Jesus? (And why on earth not?!) Those are probably the places I should be looking for him.

If I don’t see Jesus in someone, maybe I’m not looking hard enough. Maybe that person doesn’t measure up to my expectations, just as Jesus probably didn’t measure up to the expectations of the crowd who had gathered around John the Baptist. Or maybe I just don’t want to think that Jesus can be found in “that sort of person” (whoever that sort of person might be.

It’s a constant challenge. A constant call to repentance, to turn again, to look again, to find Christ in the most surprising places.

I am reminded of one of my favourite songs: “Fierce Love” by Adrian Snell. This song was inspired by his work as a music therapist with people with learning disabilities, and speaks powerfully of his experience of finding Jesus in unexpected, un-obvious people and places.

“This is where I find you
Seated at the table
With the hurt, unstable
In a place of pain.”

The video that goes with this song is truly beautiful. Have the tissues ready… and be ready to see Christ where you least expect:

Video: “Fierce Love” Adrian Snell

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