#AdventBook2016 – Week 1: Friday

The Wise and Foolish Girls – Matthew 25.1-13

Perhaps we tend to think of this parable in terms of its implications for the end times – will we be ready for Jesus when he comes?

But of course Jesus comes to us in many ways, not just at the final judgement. He comes to us in the beggar in the street, in the needy person in our church, in the prisoner or former prisoner whose crimes make us shudder. Jesus comes to us in each of “the least of these”.

And when he does, are we ready? What do we need to do, how do we need to think and to pray, in order to be ready?

I know there are many times when I have not been ready, when I have missed the chance to see Jesus in someone else. I know I have let those chances go by. But Jesus will come again – in the final day, and in the everyday. Will I be ready this time?

Lord, make me ready to see you, however and wherever and whenever – and in whomever – you come.

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