#AdventBook2016 – Advent Sunday

The Unexpected Visit – Matthew 24.36-44

Are you ready?

“Are you ready? Ready? Here comes the train! Here comes Thomas!”

“Are you ready? Everything set up? Great, we’ll open the doors.”

“Are you ready? Have you got everything you need?”

“Are you ready? Put your pen down and look this way so I can see who’s ready.”

“Are you ready? Then I’ll begin.”

I seem to use the phrase “Are you ready?” rather a lot. But, ready for what? And what does readiness look like?

As someone who works with children, I’m used to the sort of readiness that involves a lot of resources. Photocopying done? Check. Chairs and tables laid our? Check. Pens and pencils? Check. Inflatable globe? Check. Risk assessment done, registers prepared, photo permission forms signed? Check. Ok, we’re ready.

But when the work you do is worship, that sort of readiness is never enough. I learned long ago that however ready I think I am, God still takes me by surprise.

Got a great youth group session planned, resourced, and ready to go? Great. But am I ready for the curved ball of a question in the first five minutes which sends us off on a completely different tangent?

I might be well prepared (sometimes) but am I prepared to set aside all my plans because God has a different plan in mind?

“You know not the day nor the hour.” You never know what God is going to do next. True readiness lies not in knowing exactly what is coming next, but in being ready to watch, listen and respond to whatever and whoever comes.

Are you ready?

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