God’s gender: a cautionary tale

Is God a man?

Is God a woman?

Does it really matter?

These and similar questions seem to be doing the rounds again, on social media and elsewhere. My answers, in brief, would be “No”, “No”, and “Yes, very much.”

Why does it matter so much? Why does it matter what language we use about God, what pronouns and names and titles we use to address and describe God?

Let me tell you a story.

You know those arguments children have which go “boys are better than girls”, “no, girls are better than boys”, “no, boys are better than girls”, on and on and on? They’re especially annoying on long car journeys or in waiting rooms.

A while back, two of the children I work with, then aged about 5, were having just such an argument. I wan’t paying much attention, just keeping half an eye on things in case anyone seemed to be getting upset, but it was all fairly good natured, so I was inclined to let it run its course. They’d moved on from the “yes they are”, “no they aren’t” stage to some more specific examples (“girls are better at x”, “boys are better at y”) when I heard something which stopped me in my tracks.

“Boys are better than girls, because God’s a boy.”

There it was: the trump card. We all know that God is the very best there could be, so if God’s a boy, boys must be better. Incontrovertible 5-year-old logic.

Except, of course, it’s not incontrovertible. I challenged that statement, and we had a discussion about how God isn’t a boy or a girl or a man or a woman, because God is big enough to contain all those things and more. And for good measure we threw in a bit about everyone, whatever their gender, being made in God’s image.

But it was one of those moments which happen when you work with children, when a single comment shifted my entire perspective. It moved me from “I know God isn’t either a man or a woman, but there’s no need to labour the point” to “I will take every opportunity to point out that God is neither a man or a woman, and to use the widest possible range of pronouns and titles and images when I speak about God”.

“Boys are better than girls because God’s a boy.” I can’t imagine many of the adults engaged in the debate around this issue this week would put it quite like that. But it does point up one of the problems with referring to God exclusively as male, which is that aligning “God” with “man” privileges the masculine. Which, quite frankly, doesn’t need any more privilege than the quite excessive amount already accorded to it by church and society.

That may not be the intention, but it’s what happens. It happens even before children start school. God = male, so male = superior. That is what using exclusively or predominantly male language to refer to God conveys to a 5 year old.

So I choose to use both male and female pronouns and titles to refer to God. I don’t do it because I want to be “politically correct” or “radical” or “controversial”. I do it because I want the children I work with to understand that God is bigger than the words we use for God. I want that understanding to shape their perception of themselves, and the world, and their place in the world. And I never again want to hear any 5 year old for whom I am responsible using God as an argument for male superiority.

Language shapes assumptions, which in turn shape beliefs and behaviour. The language we use about God shapes the assumptions we (and others) make about God. And that is why the language we use matters so much.

246 thoughts on “God’s gender: a cautionary tale

  1. God said, “Let’s make man in our image, after our likeness. In the book of genesis. So I think God is masculine and why else would we refer to him as father but never mother?

  2. I personally think of God as male, but I don’t think you can definitively say that s/he is. In fact, in Genesis, God refers to himself with a plural pronoun. I lean towards the idea that God is male because a) that was what I was taught, and b) because he manifested himself in Jesus–a male human.

  3. Children truly are the eyes of society. Although you might not be trying to make a political statement, it says a lot about the gender relations of our society that many people insist that God is a “He”.

  4. How this warms my heart. As a woman it can seem like a male “God” may just even prefer a male friend. But the way you describe God’s being as including every attribute of both male and female genders invigorates my heart and encourages my soul. Thank you.


  5. Interesting perspective. I’ve never read in God’s Word that men are superior to women. While I agree that our God is bigger than gender, He did create man as male and female for His Glory and His purpose. The pronoun used for God is male however, God assures us that we are all created as one. Male and female genders represent God in different but equally important ways. I love the book The True Woman 101( my summer read) Explains much better.
    It’s good for teaching God’s design-good for influential teens too.

  6. Interesting article… I believe God cannot be described in human terms either…a great theologian once said “any attempt by finite man to describe an infinite God…cannot help but fall short”.

  7. There is a quote that goes like this: if we were bulls, we would paint God with horns. Doesnt matter if God exists or if it is above gender. We paint things in our own image. Since we live in a world of man, we paint big beards on it. 🙂

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  10. The Bible showed Jesus as a man, and the prayer that Jesus taught us tells us the exact same thing. It starts with: “our Father, Which art in heaven”. This makes me think that God names himself a man.

  11. God has no gender. God is a spirit. For the women who think God is sexist: You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise. Galatians 3:26

  12. Atheists don’t hate unicorns and fairies because the don’t exist. Atheists hate God because does. If we study the Bible, we learn He is the designer, creator and loving father of us all. Or we can just make up a god, including the one some say doesn’t exist.

    Basing teach on a premise that one gender is better or more privileged than another is absurd. Which is better, being a left lung or a right lung?

    • Atheists don’t hate god…idiot…how can you hate something you don’t think exists? Just like unicorns and fairies…to an atheist, they’re all non existent.

      What atheists hate is the complete closed-mindedness that all religion pretty much insists on. Religion does not like criticism, questions or free thinking. Look what the catholic church did to Galileo…and all he did was to prove a fact. But a fact that went against the church’s teaching and so therefore, despite the mathematical proof (!!!) that the Earth goes round the sun, they still wouldn’t accept it.

      THAT is what atheists hate – the utter inability of religion to accept the truth when is it proven, the stubborn refusal to modernise and the pig-headed ignorance of it’s more devout followers.

      • Thanks for filling me in on how you misunderstand Christians. Here are a few observations that I hope will help you achieve a more well-rounded view:

        (1) Your name-calling me an “idiot”. Ad Hominem attack – Tacet admission by one side of a debate that their argument has failed in substance so they disparage their opponent. If I’m an idiot, how many graduate degrees do you hold?

        (2) The church of Jesus Christ, as a group, is one of the longest studied disciplines in history. Islam refers to us as the “People of the Book”. We do thoughtful study, not fideism.

        (3) Galileo was 1/2 a millennium ago, by the Roman church that has drastically changed since.

        (4) There are too many examples of famous scientists who believe in Christ for this reply post so I’ll pick one. Dr Francis Collins led the team that mapped the human genome… Not quite a closed-minded fideist.

        (5) What other group can you level wholesale attacks on and they turn around and love you anyway?

        Thanks for your response.

    • @appliedfaith.org – I don’t think this reply is going in the right place…I couldn’t see a ‘Reply’ box immediately below your last comment…but hopefully it’ll be obvious which comment I am replying to.

      1. Yes, because you made an idiotic statement. An atheist who hated god wouldn’t be an atheist now would he??
      For you, fairies and unicorns don’t exist…but god does. For atheists all three don’t exist. And you can’t hate something that doesn’t exist. Ergo, no atheist hates god…they simply don’t buy it. Some are more vociferous in that respect than others, granted, but the same can be said of believers too.
      However, please accept my most profound apologies if you have been offended.

      2. Well done…but validity isn’t based on numbers or age. Just because millions of people believe something doesn’t make it true.
      If I believed in a great potato king sitting on top the universe, creating everything by simply farting it out…well, that wouldn’t make it true. And having a billion people believe the same thing would not make it any truer.

      3. Drastically? Please expand upon that. They can’t even get their heads around female bishops or the use of contraception to prevent AIDS in Africa.
      And it matters not how long ago it was, it’s the fact they did everything they could to deny it until forced into doing so by reality.
      And if they have drastically changed then that must mean there was something drastically wrong in the first place, no?

      4. There are many scientists who believe in god just as there are many theologians who believe in evolution. What’s unclear is the depth of their beliefs…some believe literally and completely in the bible, others simply take it as a guide to life, not something to be taken literally but to be interpreted.
      I myself am fully open to the existence of some supreme being or other, just not in the way major religions present it. I’d love there to be a reason for everything, a purpose, a design. Otherwise, why are we all here? Luck? Well, maybe…
      I just don’t subscribe to any of the creation options as presented by any religion because they just don’t make sense. Unless the stories are incomplete and there are more gospels out there waiting to be found – do you believe that to be a possibility?

      5. Wholesale attacks? Hardly…I called you an idiot because you made an idiotic statement, and I stated some ‘more devout followers’ have a hard time dealing with facts. I stand by my comments – religion has a very hard time indeed accepting anything that goes against what has been written. Not all believers are as stubborn, but some are. Science on the other hand, is constantly evolving and discovering new truths. And, as long as we don’t destroy ourselves before then, it will discover everything that can be discovered. Science will set us free, whereas God just holds us back.

      “If we study the Bible, we learn He is the designer, creator and loving father of us all”
      No, you get told that…you can’t learn something that can’t be proved. If someone wrote down the potato king theory and then I read it, I wouldn’t have learned there is a potato king, I’d have been told there was one – big difference.

      “Basing teach on a premise that one gender is better or more privileged than another is absurd”
      I could not agree more, gender equality is a hallmark of any species that wishes to be thought of a civilised. Remind me again why the catholic church doesn’t allow female bishops?


      • I’m civil, so if I disagree or I misunderstand something, I won’t call someone else an idiot. I understand where it comes from , so it doesn’t bother my, but it could set the tone for a better conversation.

        If you don’t hate God, you sure spend a lot of time spewing hateful words against the faithful. Jesus told us about you, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” (John 15:18). What you are doing is hate. At least admit the provable truth.

        I am not Catholic, and I am not an apologist for the Roman church.

        As for what can be proven and what can’t, you only use the tools you know of. You don’t own the substance required to see faith. If you did, you wouldn’t speak so stridently against God and His people.

        Science is simply the method God gave us to tag and study things that can be known to 5 senses. You seem to confuse the Church of Jesus Christ with the triune God Himself. The church is made up of very flawed human beings. They are certainly not the measure of God. They are the ones that hopefully admit they are broken and far from His perfection.

        I know so many people who sought denial in their atheism. I am a former agnostic and came to faith by evidential learning. No, I didn’t just “get told that”. You might check out what that was like in the post I wrote about it… or not.

        As far as gender, the Bible teaches a complimentarian role for both genders; neither is elevated to a higher place than the other, they are just different.

        Thanks for taking time to answer back. You need only reply back if you feel like our conversation might be fruitful. If you are truly as set in your opinion, we can part with civility.

      • Hate? Hardly…more bewilderment. If you’d read my intro and other posts you’d see that I don’t really care if you believe in any particular god or not, I just don’t get it and so I try to put forward arguments against and to highlight the non-sense of it all. And I don’t think much of what I have written is hateful. Sarcastic on occasion…yes, sometimes dismissive…true, but only hateful for those that not only take it too seriously but also appear to have not given the subject any thought beyond what is presented to them.

        My philosophy on life is live and let live, for the most part.

        “Jesus told us about you”
        – About me? What kind of person do you think I am exactly? I’m just trying to get people to think, that’s all. I may not believe in god in the way it’s presented by the popular religions, but I am open to the idea of a supreme being of some kind.
        The thing is, if you’re talking about a deity, and I mean a genuine god with the power to create life and the universe, then all bets are off. Anything is possible and nothing is provable. It’s keeping an open mind that’s the key.

        “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first”
        – what exactly does that mean…Jesus wasn’t the first person on this planet?

        “If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.”
        – Tell that to all the kids being born into poverty and disease, yet who come from loving and devout Christian families.

        “I am not Catholic, and I am not an apologist for the Roman church.”
        – It’s stuff like this that confuses me. You’re all Christians though, right? You all believe in the same god, yes? You both take the bible as his word? So, given the division in belief, which one of you is wrong? Surely, if the RC church wasn’t wrong on anything, or didn’t believe in something that you do (or vice versa) then you’d be RC. What am I missing here? Is the RC church wrong on some things?

        “Science is simply the method God gave us to tag and study things that can be known to 5 senses”
        – Maybe…but the church, though possibly not your church, has spent a lot of time and energy denying aspects of it.

        “I am a former agnostic and came to faith by evidential learning”
        – Well I guess I am a current agnostic…would like to see some evidence though. The thing is, there’s only the bible and the subsequent interpretation of everything we see around us for ‘evidence’. And that just doesn’t cut it for me.

        I admit I have not read all your posts.
        I also admit I am set in my opinion until persuaded otherwise. I have seen what others present as ‘proof’ of god, and it’s just not enough. Not yet, anyway.

        I’ll have a look at your other posts when I can and see if there’s anything else there I have not seen or considered before.


  13. God is Father. Because he said so. Stop.

    Whatever argument that goes after that such as boys > girls is silly because human fatherhood (even motherhood) derives its meaning from God, not the other way around. We do not insist that God is a Father. He said so.

    • No…man said so, because it was man wrote the bible and all the other ‘scriptures’.

      It winds me up when people take these books at the truth. They are not…the bible (and probably all the others too) are incomplete (there are gospels missing) anthologies (it’s a collection of stories written by many authors) written years after the fact. To take them as the be all and end all of everything is naive, and to use them as blueprints to live your life by is, well, silly.

      • itwasalienswotdoneit, what you choose to believe about the bible is up to you, however let me give a bit of perspective without being argumentative. First, we do have non-biblical historians that verify a Jewish man called Jesus lived during the time the biblical texts refer to, corroborated by Roman histories that refer to the governors over Judea which are also referred to in biblical texts. All of the books we have that make up the bible were written, not decades or even centuries, but within the lifetime of Jesus’s disciples writing to people that were also following Jesus before his crucifixion. These followers being written to would certainly be able to refute any nonsense or errors. They are the “truth”, in most Christians’s view, simply because they were written so close to Jesus’s time and by his most trusted and closest friends that followed him for 3 years straight. Evidence that the bible is the truth is better explained by Voddie Baucham. Just put this in Google “voddie baucham why i believe the bible”. The very first YouTube video should be the full message.

      • The point of view of some who believe in the Bible (as to the degree, we don’t know) may be to simply respect the opinion of those who don’t believe it’s truth value.

        It is true that it was man who wrote the Bible (“Scriptures”), but it is argued that those human authors are inspired by God. One can argue against such “inspiration” but whether to believe or not is a freedom of choice.

        It is said that the Gospels are written within one human lifetime after the crucifixion. In fact, the other “gospels” (apocryphal) are not considered inspired precisely because they were written too many “years after the fact.”

        You may find comparison of how much we believe in the existence and works of certain “Alexander the Great” knowing that writings about him were actually done more than one lifetime after his death.

        Interesting ha?

      • Not really…lots of historical documents were written after the fact. I’m also not arguing about the fact that there probably was a bloke named Jesus, living in that place at that period etc…and he must have been quite the chap to have left the impression on history that he did. But the son of god? No, I don’t buy it.

        But it matters not, I don’t really care what you believe…but you shouldn’t let it govern your life: pray to live, if you have to, but don’t live to pray.

        The bible, even though it contains some truths, is not truth.

        I would use the example of David Koresh…remember him? The cult leader who eventually ended up dead with all his followers at Waco, Texas. A few years ago now.
        He was just a bloke, yet managed to get a whole load of people to believe in him completely. To the point they were willing to die for him. As far as they were concerned he was the messiah. Or something.
        Also, there’s a great Monty Python film called ‘Life of Brian’. It’s blasphemous and puerile, yet clever and subversive too. I love it. But there’s a scene in it where Brian is trying to get away from the Romans and people a few people are following him, claiming he’s the messiah. He’s denying it, but others overhear and think ‘Oh, is he the messiah?’, etc. Before you know it, hundreds of people are following him simply because others are. They don’t really know why.

        It’s a film, yes, but it illustrates how humans need to belong to something bigger than themselves and will often ignore or overlook things in order to be a part of the whole.
        No one wants to be alone and being a member of a club, especially a club that promises heaven and an afterlife, is too tempting for some.

        I haven’t watched voddie baucham yet, but I will. If only to see if that really is his name…

  14. This is a question that I always have , I always wonder is God a man because I grew up praying him as a male and I read the bible many times and to me it seem like he is a man . Yet the real question is who even know who God is or how he look like ? This is a question only God himself can answer . I think we need to just live life and praying that one day someone can answer this question ; I don’t even think sciences can answer that question neither . That was a very good topic to write about and it was a good way of thinking.

  15. Reblogged this on Azizah SL and commented:
    Cool story. Cool idea. One trick of how to manage children’s concept about God’s gender and equality between man and woman 🙂

  16. I pondered whether to even reply to this post because so many people have made an attempt to add clarification to the discussion. The answer to the perception of God’s gender lies only in the eyes of the dogmatist who has a religious agenda of supporting their belief system which contrary to most opinion has no basis in the rational world. If we accept the Judeo-Christian concept of God, we understand the non-corporeal reality of God. God does not need gender for he alone has the capacity to create at will. According to Kabbalah God has both the male and female traits as delineated in the concept of the 10 Sephirot. God created Adam and took from him a “rib” to create Eve. This means his original man had both male and female personae. The rib then is more than a physical component, God took from Adam the dominant aspects of the female traits.

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    I personally refer to God as female mostly to be rad and controversial.,.bell hooks describes patriarchy as the one system we learn most from. Good read!

  18. God said, “Let’s make man in our image, after our likeness”
    Indeed…so therefore he (or she) is a humanoid.

    I’ve never read in God’s Word that men are superior to women.
    No, but man clearly thinks he is…hence no women vicars in the Catholic church etc. Islam is the same, except even worse for women’s rights.

    I’m all for people believing in something that gives them strength, or purpose, or direction. But not some all powerful deity who isn’t actually there. If you want to believe in something, then believe in yourselves.

    There are many religions now, and there have been many in the past. I dare say there will be others in the future – why is yours right and all the others wrong? That’s at best arrogant, and at worst dismissive and closed-minded.

    Why are you christians? I’ll tell you why – because you were raised that way. Had you been born in Pakistan you’d be muslims. Had you been raised in Israel you’d be Jewish and if you had been born more than a few thousand years ago you’d have no concept of this all-powerful god you so blindly worship. You’d be pagan, or Norse, or worshipping Ra outside a pyramid. And you’d go to hell for not believing because, even though you wouldn’t know about him at this point, he’d still know about you wouldn’t he? Heaven and Hell would still be there wouldn’t they? If yours is the only true god then he’s been there all the time, quite literally, no?

    And if anyone here thinks this planet is only 6000 years old and that man lived side-by-side with dinosaurs…well…I simply cannot take you seriously. Do you believe the Earth is flat too??

    You probably think I am trolling. Not really, I just like to stir things up and get people thinking. Which is easier said that done with very religious people as their very church doesn’t like thinking. Thinking leads to questions and the church doesn’t like those because, sooner or later, someone answers those questions with logic, reason and understanding. One only has to look to the example of Galileo for that…he used mathematics to prove something the church didn’t like (that the Earth goes round the sun). He essentially proved the church wrong, he proved god wrong, and science now continues that legacy.

    We all know religion hates proof of anything…that’s why it has none of it’s own.

  19. Although God is a spirit we must not allow our prejudice to change the way in which he refers to himself or the way in which the Bible describes. Genesis refers to God’s existence in 1:1′ His composition in 1:2, His power in 1:3, His feelings in 1:4, and His gender specification in 1:5. Which of these does humanity have the right to exclude? God is not a man but, man is made in his image. Woman is the, Glory of the man”. Although God uses the male gender specification to describe himself, He uses the female gender specification to describe the people who His Son would give His life for. Both are beautiful pictures to us of God’s plan. Neither would be complete without the proper gender specification. I will refer to God in the way that the Bible describes Him. To try and correct 4,000 years of the inspiration of God’s word based upon a child’s statement seems to be both immature and intellectually arrogant.

      • The first book of the Bible to be written down was most likely the book of Job. It is estimated that it was written between 1,500 and 2,000 BC.

      • I looked at your site yesterday. I disagree with you but I would rather talk to an honest atheist than a christian who has no idea why he is one. If I have categorized you wrongly it is unintentional. You are right that there is no way to prove the existence God. God actually never tries to prove his own existence. He states that he is as a matter of fact. This fact is open to all. Each person has the right to believe it or reject it.
        Your statements about God’s motives I find to be premature. You mention I believe that God my have checked out or is unconcerned with his creation. To know why things are designed as they are it is important to know the intentions of the designer. In many conversations for instance motives are assumed before dialogue commences. This gives the entire conversation a bias from the start and all further communication will be tainted.
        Would I be out of line with the following statement? “Many atheists assume that all christians are ignorant, Bible thumping idealists who base their reality upon their emotions.” I know that I will not be out of line in this statement. “Many christians believe that all atheists are radical haters of God who seek to destroy all that is good.” Almost every conversation on the internet between these two groups of people begins with so much bias that nothing good can be accomplished.
        If you decide to write back and forth with me, I will try to assume nothing about you except that you are a fellow seeker with a radically different view. Will you do the same for me? If you will, I will write when I can and give you what the Bible says about God. My motivation is that I want to be obedient to what the Bible tells me to do. I will finish with the following verse and explanation.

        Act 17:2 And Paul, as his manner was, went in unto them, and three sabbath days reasoned with them out of the scriptures,
        Act 17:3 Opening and alleging, that Christ must needs have suffered, and risen again from the dead; and that this Jesus, whom I preach unto you, is Christ.
        Act 17:4 And some of them believed, and consorted with Paul and Silas; and of the devout Greeks a great multitude, and of the chief women not a few.
        Act 17:5 But the Jews which believed not, moved with envy, took unto them certain lewd fellows of the baser sort, and gathered a company, and set all the city on an uproar, and assaulted the house of Jason, and sought to bring them out to the people.

        You will notice three groups of people here.
        1. Paul: (A believer in Christ as I am) He opens and alleges that Jesus is the Christ. He reasons with others that do not share his opinion. He does not force his beliefs. He allows the weight of his argument to do the persuading instead being angry and censuring information.
        2. Willing listeners: These are reasonable people that hear Paul out and then form their own opinion. Some believe. It is reasonable to assume that some did not.
        3. The religious crowd: The jews claimed to be the only ones who had the truth at this time. I do not condemn them for that because we all think that we have truth. What they do with their belief condemns them. They try to censure and control the conversation. They end up finding an fourth group that they had nothing in common with, (the Athenians) to ally with to censure these christians who peacefully discussed their beliefs.

        My motivation is to open and allege that God is who he says that he is and that we have a responsibility to him.

        Thank you for your time,

      • Hi there Keith,

        I’m not really an atheist, in that I am open to the idea that god exists, but I certainly don’t believe there is an all powerful deity that created us, is looking out for us and only has our best interests at heart.

        I don’t believe all christians are bible thumping idealists same as not all atheists are anti-god zealots. I just cannot accept the bible (or any religious texts) as absolute truth when there is so much that doesn’t make sense and is left unexplained. I don’t want to go into it now, but if you have read my blog then you will know what I am talking about.

        I am not trying to stop people believing in god, more that people should start believing in themselves…and this would lead to us believing in ourselves as a species. Only then, once we have all realised there is no point whatsover arguing, will we all be able to get along. If god has ‘to die’ in order for that to happen, well I think he’d be on board with that. Otherwise the world will go to hell real soon, and it’ll be religion that does it. Not itself, obviously, but through idiots acting ‘on gods behalf’.

        I am all for people believing in god if they like, I just think religion should have no bearing on the real world. We’ll all find out when we die anyway and as long as you have tried to live a good life, be kind to others etc, then I can’t imagine any god turning you away from whatever may be after this life.


  20. Thank you for your candor. I will try to respect your wishes and not go too deep into this. I agree with you in some things. First of all, there are a lot of things that we don’t know. In fact, Romans 11:33-34 says,” O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out! For who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been his counsellor?” Man has yet to create anything that can fully understand us. Each new invention reveals a part of what we are but, the creation can never define the creator.

    I think I believe in us as a species. I’m not completely sure I understand that statement.

    I believe that we can all get along without conformity of thought. The lack of conformity is what gives us the desire to know. As you probably know, according to the Bible, God already died. He died to restore man to the perfection he created us in.

    Many idiots have certainly claimed to act on God’s behalf. Oliver Cromwell once said, “Every man who goes to war thinks that God is on his side. I warrant God should often wonder who is on his.” Thousands of atrocities have justified by the name of God but, these actions had nothing to do with the Bible. Have you noticed how many athletes claim God’s name in order to gain a new sales market? How many of them do you think have really accepted Christ?

    You may find this surprising. Like you, I have low opinion of organized religion. The faith of individuals should effect them. They should be free to individually effect their surroundings, including the society in which they dwell. I do not believe that any religion should be subsidized or established by the State. I am a Historic Baptist. The separation of Church and State was originally our baby.

    You are right about one thing. We will find out the truth when we die. That is why I promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that your last statement is a reflection of your belief but I must address it. I believe that God is our creator. As our creator he is not bound by the feelings or imaginations of his creation.

    Thank you again for your time and for the respectful candor of this conversation.

  21. I personally believe that we as human beings make things more complicated than they have to be. The concern of whether God is male or female is a prime example. It doesn’t matter the gender because he is the “I AM” meaning he is everything. God is more than anything we could ever imagine. He is pure LOVE. And love knows NO color, and no gender.

  22. Your post was enlightening. I think God is what we make him out to be according to our actions. If I act out of love and respect then my God must be a good God. If my actions are opposite then I probably have a different idea or no God. But that’s just me

  23. Yet God became man and dwelt among us. We are all feminine in relation to God, for we are the bride of Christ. Soul is feminine.

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