#adventbookclub – Elizabeth: part 2

What struck me most in this chapter was Elizabeth’s account of the Visitation. The moment when the child in her womb leapt for joy at the coming of Christ. That instant of recognition of the indwelling of God in another person, which happens when Elizabeth sees Mary.

I was pondering this as I got ready for yet another carol service this evening. I know, intellectually, that everyone is made in God’s image. I do try to remember to look for Christ in everyone I meet (and often fail). But every now and then, God leaps out at me in the faces of the most unexpected people.

And then it happened tonight. I processed in (as usual), singing Once in Royal David’s City (as usual), reverenced the altar and moved to my place (as usual). And then it stopped being usual. I glanced over to the front row where my friend J was sitting. J is 16, with Downs Syndrome and autism, and I am privileged to be one of the few people she enjoys having a conversation with. We had already had a quick chat before the service. But now, just as we sang “and he shareth in our gladness” I looked up, into J’s grinning, beaming face, and saw Christ looking back at me. And I grinned too.


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