#adventbookclub – Joseph: part 2

A man facing scandal. A man full of uncertainty, full of questions and doubts. Yet a man determined to run the course he has chosen, the course God has set before him. This is how Stephen Cottrell portrays Joseph.

It’s that mix of determination and doubt that I find so engaging. Joseph says of love “It matures slowly in the fertile ground of commitment, of determined choosing: … this path and not that.” It seems to me the same could be said of faith. It is the commitment, the choosing, the discipline which sees us through. The high points, the experiences which leave us buzzing, the mountain-top moments are important, but it’s the daily dedication and re-dedication which sustains faith in the long run, and through the hard times.

[I am aware of the irony of writing about the importance of discipline in a post which I should have written yesterday, but failed to!]

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