#adventbookclub – Anna: part 2

I have a lot of sympathy with Anna, as portrayed by Stephen Cottrell. An unconventional woman. One not content with her lot. A thorn in the side of the religious establishment, A woman watching, longing, yearning, for something beyond what seems to satisfy others. All this I can understand, empathise with even.

But this I cannot understand: what must it have been like for Anna to see that for which she yearned, her heart’s desire, the fulfillment of God’s promise? I can’t imagine what that must have been like.

We are still in the waiting time, the longing and yearning time. We are still, like Anna, watching daily for our small glimpses of the light, as we long for the true light in all it’s dazzling glory. And until that day when there is “no darkness or dazzling, but one equal light,” we cannot fully comprehend how she must have felt to see the light of the world suddenly before her on an ordinary day. But we can watch and wait, aware of the glimpses of glory in our own ordinary days.

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