#adventbookclub – my reading and blogging plan

This year some of us are reading Stephen Cottrell’s book “Walking Backwards to Christmas” (full details available on Pam’s blog: http://www.pamsperambulation.wordpress.com/2014/11/01/adventbookclub-one-month-to-go/). Last year I found the discipline of daily blogging for #adventbookclub very helpful, so this year I intend to do the same.

There are eleven chapters of the book, each a reflection from the point of view of a different character. I intend to write two reflections for each chapter – one focusing on the passage of scripture used, and one engaging with Stephen Cottrell’s reflection. That will take us up to 21st December.

For the last three days of advent I will consider the book as a whole, focusing in turn on each of the three questions suggested in the introduction to the book: Which person in the story did you most relate to? What surprised, shocked or delighted you the most? How has this changed your understanding of the Christmas story?

I’m looking forward to the book, and to reading others’ reflections. Let the Advent-ure begin!

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