An Alternative Advent Calendar

Advent is all about waiting. But waiting for what?

Waiting for Christmas. Waiting for Christ. Waiting for the second coming. Waiting for the world to be transformed. Waiting for God’s kingdom to come.

What is the world waiting for?

With my Encounter group (age 10-13) we have been exploring the idea of waiting for the coming of God’s kingdom. As part of this, we have created an alternative advent calendar. Each flap has an image on the outside, either cut from a newspaper or drawn by the children. Under the flap the children have written what they think this situation/person/place is waiting for.

There’s a giraffe in a beautiful landscape, waiting for “more vegetation and homes for animals and wildlife”. A woman and child looking sad, waiting for “safe homes”. A young man with a Black Lives Matter placard, waiting for “equality for everyone”. A group of school children, waiting for “education that sets people free to be the best they can be”. And many more, all waiting…..

The title of our alternative advent calendar is “The meaning is in the waiting”, a quotation chosen from R.S. Thomas’ poem “Kneeling” which the group has enjoyed looking at:

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