A parable for our time

This is a real-life parable – it happened at holiday club this week. It could have been played out in any classroom or playground anywhere. Or perhaps on the world stage…

I look across the room and see Child B snatch a ball from Child A, at which point Child A hits Child B over the head, repeatedly. I rush across to them and say “Stop! Now!”

It could be that Child A had been the first to snatch the ball, and Child B was just retaliating. It could be that Child A has already kicked Child B, or Child B has bitten Child A earlier in the day. I don’t know.

Certainly both children need to say sorry, and tell me they’re not going to do it again.

But none of that matters until one child stops hitting the other. In that moment, when damage is being done, the only thing to say is “Stop!”

Let anyone with ears listen.

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