5th January: Kings and gifts #adventbookclub

It seems to me that today’s reflection is another one about looking for Christ in unexpected places (see yesterday’s post). Or rather, looking for Christ in unexpected people. Because the magi are really not the sort of people to whom you’d expect the Messiah to be revealed. Gentiles, for a start. Foreigners. Probably mixed up in all sorts of magic and ‘false’ religion. And not really terribly sure about where they’re going or what they’re looking for. But God thinks differently, and makes the magi a key part of his plan to reveal himself to the world in the person of Jesus.

And in doing so, he challenges us to look at the most unlikely people, and seek out something of God in them. Often moments of deep encounter with Christ come when we meet him in the people we least expect. I quite frequently hear people exclaim in amazement that a child has shown them something of God. They had dismissed the possibility, simply because the person they are talking to is ‘only’ a child. But God works through everyone, regardless of age, class, gender, race, disability, sexuality, religion or anything else. His ways, after all, are higher than our ways, and his thoughts than our thoughts. He sees in each person his own image, even (perhaps especially) when others cannot. 

All of us have people or groups of people in whom we are reluctant to see or to seek Christ. Let’s begin by examining those prejudices and asking God to take them and challenge them in ways we cannot even imagine. It might be scary, it might be uncomfortable, it might turn our world view upside down. But it will surely bring us closer to God’s kingdom.

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