Five-finger intercessions for All Age Eucharist

Whenever I need intercessions at short notice which have some interactive element but don’t require any preparation (and don’t make adults cringe!) I tend to use these. Feel free to use and adapt if helpful.

Now as we pray together, I invite you to hold one of your hands in front of you, in a fist.  As we pray, we’re going to extend each of our fingers in turn, to represent the different types of prayer we’re praying.

First, I invite you to hold up your thumb, as we thank God for all the good things in our lives.

Lord God, we thank you for giving us all that we need.  We thank you for our friends and families, and for all the good things that have happened this week.

Now, stretch out your index finger as we point our prayers towards situations of particular need.

Lord, we pray for all places where there is war, conflict, famine, or natural disaster. We pray too for our local community and, at the start of this new term, we pray for children and young people returning to school or college and for teachers. 

Next, hold out your middle finger, which is your strongest finger, as we pray for people in positions of power and responsibility.

Father, we pray for the leaders of the world, that they may act with wisdom and compassion in the best interests of their people.  We pray particularly for peace in the Holy Land, and for all who have the power and responsibility bring about reconciliation in that place.

Now, hold out your ring finger, as we pray for the Church, which is the bride of Christ.

We pray for your Church throughout the world.  We pray for our archbishop Justin, bishops, Alan and John, and for our life together here at All Saints.  We pray for all Christians around the world who are in danger because of their faith.

Next, stretch out your little finger, as we pray for all those in need, in positions of powerlessness, or vulnerability.

We pray for all who are sick, lonely, depressed, bereaved or anxious.  We pray for those whose names are on the News Sheet, for those known to us, and for those who have no-one else to pray for them. We pray also for those who have died, giving thanks for their lives.

Finally, as we join our prayers together and offer them to God, I invite you to hold out both your hands, palm upwards, as we lift our prayers to the Lord.

Loving father, you have promised that you will hear us when we pray.  Draw near to us now as we lift up our hearts and our prayers to you, in the name of your son, our saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

1 thought on “Five-finger intercessions for All Age Eucharist

  1. Just looking for some last minute all-age intercessions for tomorrow morning and I think you have just saved me a lot of time coming up with ideas! Thanks for sharing this – much appreciated!

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