2nd January: Shepherds and wise men #adventbookclub

Thinking about the contrasting experience of the shepherds and the wise men. The shepherds rushing, responding immediately, rashly leaving their flocks. The wise men planning, calculating, waiting, patiently following. Rough and ready, or refined and respected. Sudden revelation or gradual unfolding. Heart or head.

And of course, in our own drawing-near to Christ we need both. Perhaps each of us needs them in different proportions, but the one without the other would be missing something. Faith which is purely intellectual will fail to engage our whole being. Faith which is nothing but a series of sudden emotional and spiritual highs will leave us with nothing for the between-times. We need the patience of the wise men and the impulsiveness of the shepherds. The understanding and the un-knowing trust.

I wonder how we balance those within ourselves? How we find ways of valuing both in each other? How we create a place for both in our churches?

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