A Very Quiet Nativity

In previous years I have enjoyed using Pat Rapp’s excellent “Noisy Nativity” as the basis of an improvised nativity. An adult narrates the story and the children join in with various noises as you go along. It’s great fun, and was my first thought when I found myself planning a session at short notice for an unknown number of children, of unknown ages, for tomorrow’s service.

But then I remembered that the session, which takes places during the sermon, is happening in an area which, though somewhat removed from the main body of the church, is not separated from it by anything even vaguely soundproof. So anything with “noisy” in the title is obviously out! This inspired me to devised a Very Quiet Nativity, with actions for the children to join in with (silently!) instead of noises. Here it is, in case it’s any use to anyone else:



Angel – flap hands like wings

Donkey – hands on head like ears

Stable – form roof shape with hands

Shepherds – looking, hand above eyes

Wise men – crowns, hands sticking up each side of head

Star – as for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Baby – as if rocking a baby



One day Mary was amazed because suddenly an ANGEL appeared and told her she was going to have a BABY called Jesus.

Mary and her husband Joseph set of to Bethlehem on their DONKEY. Mary was very tired because it was nearly time for her to have her BABY.

There was no room at the inn, so Mary and Joseph had to stay in a STABLE and that’s where BABY Jesus was born.

Near Bethlehem were some SHEPHERDS looking after their sheep. Suddenly the SHEPHERDS saw some ANGELS who told them about BABY Jesus. The ANGELS sang a beautiful song praising God and then the SHEPHERDS hurried off to the STABLE to see BABY Jesus.

A long way away were some WISE MEN who saw a special STAR in the sky. The WISE MEN decided to follow the STAR, which led them to the STABLE where they gave some special presents to BABY Jesus.

And so everyone gathered in the STABLE: Mary and Joseph and their DONKEY, the SHEPHERDS and their sheep, the WISE MEN with their presents. Above the STABLE the STAR shone and the ANGELS sang. And in the middle of everything, most important of all, was the little BABY, Jesus.


Having practiced it in front of the mirror, I suspect it may lead to quite a lot of (rather loud!) laughter, but it should be fun! Feel free to use and/or adapt if useful.

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