Day 20: Questioning God #adventbookclub

What struck me about today’s reading (Luke 1.34-18) is the juxtaposition of Mary’s wholehearted commitment to God’s plan for her, and her questioning of what that plan might be. On the one hand, she is asking “how can this be?” but on the other she is saying “let it be with me according to your word”. And it seems to me that the two are not incompatible. It is possible, indeed desirable, to simultaneously follow God’s call and ask questions about it, trust and question, live with the “yes!” and the “how?”.

In fact, doesn’t the one enrich the other? If we had no questions about what God is calling us to, if it all seemed clear and safe and easy, what kind of faith would it take to respond? Not much. But if we demand to have all our questions answered before we will take the risk of following where God leads, that’s really no kind of faith at all. We are called to both trust and question, to live with the tension of doubting and believing. That is what faith is all about.

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