Day 10: Redigging the wells

I am intrigued by Maggi Dawn’s description of Issac’s generation, and our own, as an “in-between generation”, one that hasn’t seen the beginning or the ending of the journey they are on. I think that’s probably right, but hard to grasp.

We are all naturally inclined to interpret events in terms of our own narrative arc. When children ask about past events, they always want to know “where was I?” and I’ve known younger children get really upset when told that they weren’t there because they hadn’t been born. We are inclined to relate things to our own beginnings and endings. We want to be able to interpret the events of our lives as making sense in and of themselves, as an independent story. And when we can’t, we are often left dissatisfied.

But that’s not how it is. Our individual lives are more like a snapshot, a moment in a larger story, God’s story. We are not independent, but interdependent. We cannot expect the beginning and the ending and everything in between to be encompassed neatly in our own experience. That’s why it’s so important to look back at what has been, and forward to what has been promised, as we try to make sense of our own experience in the context of God’s salvation story.

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