Day 4: Luke: flashback #adventbookclub

Today’s chapter looks at Luke 3.21-38. Not the most obvious choice, all those “so-and-so, son of so-and-so”s. But Maggi makes a good point about it: it demonstrates, in a very different way from John’s poetic prologue, the “from the beginning” nature of the incarnation. It looks back across the generations, and shows how God’s story weaves through them.

There’s something important about the gospel reaching back across the generations, and also reaching forwards. It’s the ultimate inter-generational story. Tonight I’ve been looking forward, seeing how God is working his purpose out in a new generation. It’s been the first school carol service of the season, and it was wonderful. I preached (very briefly – “can you make it less than 2 minutes?”) about peace and joy and hope and love. And I watched the ultimate story of love unfold in front of me, told by this next generation, passed on from me to them, and on down the ages. 

The stretching back to the beginning is mirrored by the stretching on to the end. The story of salvation transcends time and generations. As I told the children this evening, it is a story beyond time and place, a story for and about each one of us, for all time.

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