Day 3: Luke: let me tell you a story #adventbookclub

We’re back to that story-telling theme again. Luke is a fantastic story teller. He paints such vivid pictures, perhaps more so than any of the other gospel writers. With Luke, the Gospel is very real. His characters are so obviously human, his scenes full of the little details that draw in the reader.

And that got me to thinking about how we tell the Gospel story. Do we make it real, vivid, alive to our listeners/readers? Or do we get so bogged down in the theology, the detail, that we are at risk of losing them?

And what about how we proclaim the Gospel in the way we live? Do we show clearly, unequivocally the love and grace of the salvation story? Or do we get so caught up in our own agendas, our in-fighting, that the Good News gets lost in a haze of bickering and ill-temper and all-too-human folly? The challenge is to live in a way that shows, as clearly as Luke portrays it in his Gospel, that the coming of Christ is indeed Good News. For everyone.

Tomorrow brings my first school carol service of the season, and with it a chance to share with hundreds of children the Good News that is the real meaning of Christmas. For many of them it will be the only time in the year anyone talks to them about Jesus. It’s an awesome responsibility, and I pray that God will give me the words to make real to my listeners his great story of salvation, just as he did to Luke. Because words matter. Stories matter. And, told well, the Gospel story has the power to change lives.

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