New Beginnings

On New Year’s Day this year I took up tweeting, and I’m loving it. A great way of making and maintaining connections, sharing ideas, and finding and giving support. But it has its limitations – 140 characters is really not all that much. Which has led me to finally giving blogging a go.

Now it’s another kind of new year. Tomorrow is Advent Sunday, the start of the church year. And, in the midst of the pre-Christmas busy-ness, it’s a good time to pause and make a few resolutions. So here are mine:

1. Blogging. This is the second time I’ve tried blogging (the first was for a specific, time-limited purpose). I’d like to try to make it a regular-ish thing. I imagine it’ll probably be a mish-mash of reflections, resources and random thoughts. We’ll see what emerges.

To start with, I’m taking part in #adventbookclub (more details on the Facebook page: Daily blogging feels quite ambitious, but it’s something to aim for, so I’ll give it a go!

2. Reading. By which I mean, reading books that make me think, rather than (or more likely as well as) detective fiction and other escapism.Again, #adventbookclub is a good start, and I’m very much looking forward to Maggi Dawn’s “Beginnings and Endings”. Thereafter, I think at least one “proper” book per month is a minimum to aim for. I might even blog about them, we’ll see!

3. Tidying. Seriously need to get a grip on this. A bit of mess is all very well, but the study in particular is getting ridiculous. Yesterday I eventually located a missing plastic donkey in the same pile as expenses for the month before last (unsorted), wipe-clean labyrinths which haven’t been wiped clean, two packets of mustard seeds and an overdue library book. And that’s one of the tidier corners. You’ll be glad to hear I don’t intend to blog about the tidying. It’s dull enough for me – no need to inflict it on anyone else!

So, we’ll see how that all goes, I guess! Happy New (liturgical) Year.